So, What About 5G: Should I Upgrade…No…..

So, What About 5G: Should I Upgrade…No…..

Why Not, There are no 5G phones!! Oh yeah, 5G Service is not even projected to be widespread until late 2019, when there WILL be 5G phones, well except for you Apple folks.


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5 5G Fast Facts

  • AT&T flipped the switch in December on its 5G mobile network, but there are no phones that can take advantage of the ultra-fast speeds. Instead, AT&T is offering select businesses and individuals a 5G mobile hotspot, Netgear's Nighthawk, and free data for up to 90 days. Data will cost $70 a month for 15GB thereafter.
  • During its December tech summit, Qualcomm unveiled the details of Snapdragon 855, its next-generation CPU that includes the X50 5G modem and will be used in many of the 5G-ready smartphones coming in 2019.
  • Both Verizonand AT&T have announced plans to build 5G phones with Samsung. (AT&T has actually announced plans for two phones.) Meanwhile, OnePlus says it will be one of the first phone makers to release a device using the 5G-ready Snapdragon 855 processor, and LG has plans to come out with a 5G phone of its own as a Sprint exclusive.
  • Apple will reportedly wait until 2020to release a 5G smartphone, preferring to wait until all the kinks have been worked out and 5G is more widely available.


So, unless you must upgrade, DON’T, instead wait for the new phones and new service to fully become available.


Thanks to Tom’s Guide for the Fun Facts!