Apple Admits it has No Control Over User Data by Developers

Apple Admits it has No Control Over User Data by Developers

We are contantly asked it Apple is any better at protecting your personal data than Android, the answer we will give in the future will be a quote directly from Apple. This information is was taken from an article in Bloomberg Businessweek, not the National Enquirer or the ever so slanted more well-known blogs. We highly recommend your read the entire article in the August 13, 2018 issue.

In part, it reports:

“In a letter from the house energy and commerce to Apple CEO Tim Cook in July, the committee asked questions about how Apple handles consumer data. The committee said it was reviewing business practices that may “impact the privacy expectations of Americans.” Partly in response to the Bloomberg report, it asked, “Could Apple control or limit the data collected by third-party apps available on the App Store?”

On Aug. 7, Apple responded with a multiple-page document that included this statement: “Apple does not and cannot monitor what developers do with customer data they have collected, or prevent the onward transfer of that data, nor do we have the ability to ensure a developer’s compliance with their own privacy policies or local law. The relationship between the app developer and the user is direct, and it is the developer’s obligation to collect and use data responsibly.

By Sarah Frier ~ Bloomberg News

”In short, any app that you download, and you accept the terms of use, your data may be mined and used by the developer anyway they seem fit.”