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Netwise Computer Solutions is a premier Computer Technology company providing quality solutions through IT Consultation, Computer Repair, Installation, Service, Support and software implementation.

Onsite Tech Support

Our onsite IT support services remain useful even for those companies that are using cloud services. Our technical expertise will help your organization be more effective and respond faster to common IT issues.

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Remote Tech Support

So, you do not have time to wait for someone to arrive? Not a problem! If you have internet connection we can connect to you remotely.

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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services, just the fancy name for Network Maintenance and more. Our services start at only $99.00 per month. Take advantage of it now.

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Best Buy's Geek Squad computer repair service has come under fire after details of its relationship with the FBI have been confirmed. Taking your PC in to get fixed could put your privacy at risk. You’ve probably heard of the Geek Squad. Since 1994 the company has offered computer repair services, and its 2002 merger with Best Buy expanded its reach across 1,000 retail outlets in North America.

Netwise Computers 2018

The Cloud—that mysterious-sounding, where is it, what is it thing—is one of the innovations that is reshaping the business and consumer worlds, and yet some people are yet unsure about it. The cloud is something that should not be shied away from but, instead, embraced.

Netwise Computer Solutions 2018

Immediate benefits can be gained by outsourcing IT services through Netwise Computer Solutions. 1. Control IT Costs Outsourcing converts fixed IT costs into variable costs and allows you budget effectively. In other words, only pay for what you use when you need it.

Netwise Computers 2018
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